is Agadir Good For Surfing? (Experts Opinion)

Yes! Agadir city is definitively a fantastic experience for wave lovers. The coastline boasts numerous surf spots catering to various skill levels, making it an excellent destination for surfing enthusiasts.

  Here is a List of All  The Surfing Spots To Catch Thrilling Waves in Agadir:

Anchor Point is a super-cool spot with long right waves and even barrels if conditions are just right. It’s perfect if you’re not a total beginner.

Anchor Point Apartments

    • Located close to Anchor Point, offering convenient access to the spot.
    • Provides comfortable accommodations for surfers seeking proximity to the waves.

If you’re near Tamraght village, give Banana Point a try. It’s a smooth right point ideal for carving. Good news – it suits different skill levels!

Banana Village Apartments

  • Adjacent to Banana Point, ideal for surfers of different skill levels.
  • Offers a comfortable stay within reach of the surfing spot.


This spot is a mix of sand and rock with different sections that lead to a beach break. The best part? It’s great for everyone, no matter your surfing level.

Devil’s Rock Surf House

  • Situated near Devil’s Rock, catering to surfers of all levels.
  • Provides a convenient stay close to the mixed sand and rock spot.


Boilers is a serious reef break that’s pretty consistent. It’s perfect for experts who love steep and fast waves, but getting in and out of the water can be tricky.

Boilers Surf Retreat

  • Close to Boilers, suitable for expert surfers seeking challenging waves.
  • Offers accommodations for those looking to tackle steep and fast waves.


At the south end of Taghazout village, you’ll find Panorama Point. It’s a fast wave that’s tons of fun and works for all levels thanks to its sandy bottom.

Panorama Beach House

  • Located near Panorama Point, suitable for surfers of all levels.
  • Provides a cozy stay within reach of the fast and fun waves.


Just north of Taghazout, Dracula’s offers long walls and tube sections, perfect for expert surfers. But beware, getting in and out of the water here isn’t easy.

Dracula’s Surf Villa

  • Close to Dracula’s, ideal for expert surfers seeking long walls and tube sections.
  • Offers accommodations for surfers looking to experience challenging waves.


Tamri’s an extended beach break that’s very exposed and works even when other spots are flat. It’s suitable for all levels and has scattered peaks across the beach.

Tamri Beach Retreat

  • Adjacent to Tamri, catering to surfers of all levels.
  • Provides a comfortable stay near the extended beach break.
  • Cherry Beach Surfing point – Agadir:

    cherry beach near Agadir surfing spot
    cherry beach near Agadir surfing spot

This spot near Inezgane is a favorite for beginners. Waves here aren’t huge, making it a great place to learn or have a chill surf session.

Cherry Beach Guesthouse

  • Located near Cherry Beach, suitable for beginners.
  • Offers accommodations for those learning to surf or seeking a relaxed surfing experience.


Although it’s a popular beach, the waves here are not the best. Beginners might find it okay, but it’s not the spot for experienced surfers.

Near Agadir Beach:

  1. Royal Atlas Hotel
    • Located close to Agadir Beach, offering luxurious accommodations.
    • Provides convenient access to the beach and amenities.
  2. Hotel Timoulay & Spa Agadir
    • Situated near Agadir Beach, offering a comfortable stay.
    • Provides proximity to the beach and nearby attractions.

Close to Agadir, Anza is a mix of beach and reef breaks. It’s okay for both beginners and intermediate surfers, but the water quality can be poor due to a nearby port.

Anza Surf Lodge

  1. Situated close to Anza, suitable for beginners and intermediates.
  2. Offers accommodations with access to the mixed beach and reef breaks.
  • KM12 Surfing point – Agadir:

    km12 surfing spot in Agadir
    km12 surfing spot in Agadir

KM12 is a long stretch of beach with multiple peaks. It’s more suited for beginners and intermediates, especially during early sessions.

KM12 Surf Camp

  • Located near KM12, suitable for beginners and intermediates.
  • Provides accommodations for surfers aiming for early sessions on the long stretch of beach.


  • Tamraght Surfing point – Agadir:

    Tamraght-surf-spots in Agadir

Tamraght is a great alternative to Taghazout and offers decent breaks for beginners. The village vibe here is pretty relaxed too.

Near Tamraght:

  1. Tamraght Surf House
    • Situated in Tamraght, offering easy access to nearby breaks.
    • Provides accommodations for surfers looking for a relaxed village vibe.
  2. Surf Berbere Tamraght
    • Located in Tamraght, close to beginner-friendly breaks.
    • Offers accommodations suitable for surfers exploring the area.
  • Taghazout Surfing point – Agadir:

    Tamraght-surfing spot Agadir
    Tamraght-surfing spot Agadir

Taghazout boasts varied breaks suitable for different skill levels, making it a surfing paradise for all surfers.

Near Taghazout:

  1. Taghazout Surf Camp 
    • Situated in Taghazout, close to varied surf breaks.
    • Provides accommodations suitable for surfers of different skill levels.
  2. Surf Maroc Taghazout Villa
    • Located in Taghazout, offering convenient access to surf spots.
    • Provides accommodations for surfers seeking varied breaks and experience

These spots in Agadir cater to a range of surfing abilities, making it an ideal destination for everyone eager to ride the waves!

All The Surfing Spots Near Agadir: 


all the surfing spots near Agadir
all the surfing spots near Agadir

Surfing Destinations Categorized From The Closest To The Farthest From Agadir Center:

Surfing Destination Distance from Agadir (Approx.) Best Transportation Model
Cherry Beach 10 km / 6.2 miles Car / Taxi
Banana Point 14 km / 8.7 miles Car / Taxi
Tamraght 12 km / 7.5 miles Car / Taxi
Anchor Point 20 km / 12.4 miles Car / Taxi
Anza 15 km / 9.3 miles Car / Taxi
KM12 18 km / 11.2 miles Car / Taxi
Taghazout 19 km / 11.8 miles Car / Taxi
Devil’s Rock 16 km / 9.9 miles Car / Taxi
Panorama Point 25 km / 15.5 miles Car / Taxi
Dracula’s 28 km / 17.4 miles Car / Taxi
Boilers 30 km / 18.6 miles Car / Taxi
Tamri 40 km / 24.8 miles Car / Taxi
Agadir Beach Within Agadir Walk / Taxi

This categorization arranges the surfing destinations around Agadir from the closest to the farthest, facilitating travel planning for surfers seeking diverse wave experiences.

Advantages and Drawbacks of each Surfing Locations in Agadir:

Surfing Locations Advantages Drawbacks
Cherry Beach vs. Banana Point Advantages: Beginner-friendly waves, close proximity to Agadir. Drawbacks: Limited wave size for experienced surfers, potential crowd during peak times.
Tamraght vs. Anchor Point Advantages: Decent waves for beginners, relatively close to Agadir. Drawbacks: Crowded during peak seasons, water quality concerns in some areas.
Anza vs. KM12 Advantages: Mixed beach and reef breaks, suitable for various levels. Drawbacks: Pollution affecting water quality, occasional overcrowding.
Taghazout vs. Devil’s Rock Advantages: Varied breaks catering to different skill levels. Drawbacks: Crowded lineups during peak times, challenging entry/exit from water.
Panorama Point vs. Dracula’s Advantages: Long waves, suitable for all levels. Drawbacks: Difficulty in entering and exiting the water, more suitable for experts.
Boilers vs. Tamri Advantages: Consistent reef break with quality waves. Drawbacks: Farther from Agadir, challenging conditions for some surfers.
Agadir Beach vs. Cherry Beach Advantages: Easy access within Agadir, beginner-friendly. Drawbacks: Limited wave size, not ideal for experienced surfers.

This comparison offers insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each pair of surfing locations, aiding surfers in selecting spots that align with their skill level and preferences.

An Expert Opinion About Surfing in Agadir city:

Surfing in Agadir is awesome! The waves are pretty consistent, and the weather is nice and warm. There are different spots for surfing, perfect for everyone from beginners to pros. It’s a cool place to learn if you’re new to surfing or to sharpen your skills if you’re experienced.

The beaches here have good waves, and there are lots of surf schools with instructors to help you out. Agadir has a great surf culture, and it’s a lively place to catch some waves.

Just make sure to check the surf reports and be careful about the tides and currents before you jump in. Overall, it’s a fantastic spot for a fun and thrilling surfing adventure!

Surfing Schools for Beginners:

  1. Wave & Dance Surfhouse
    • Offers beginner-friendly lessons in Tamraght.
    • Emphasizes safety and provides personalized coaching for newcomers.
  2. Surf Star Morocco
    • Located in Taghazout, ideal for beginners.
    • Tailored surf lessons with experienced instructors focusing on fundamentals.
  3. Sunset Surf House
    • Situated near Banana Beach, suitable for novice surfers.
    • Provides comprehensive lessons, focusing on building confidence in the water.
  4. Surf Maroc
    • Offers beginner-friendly packages in Taghazout.
    • Structured lessons with certified instructors, catering to all levels.
  5. Dfrost Almugar Surf House & Yoga Morocco
    • Provides beginner surf lessons in Tamraght.
    • Customized coaching focusing on safety, wave selection, and technique.

Surfing Locations for Advanced Surfers:

  1. Anchor Point
    • Known for its challenging waves, suitable for advanced surfers.
    • Offers long right waves and occasional barrels, located north of Agadir.
  2. Devil’s Rock
    • Quality right point suitable for experienced surfers.
    • Mix of sand and rock with varied sections, located near Tamraght.
  3. Dracula’s
    • Provides excellent waves for experts, north of Taghazout.
    • Features long walls, tube sections, and vertical maneuvers.
  4. Boilers
    • Consistent reef break with steep and fast waves.
    • Offers challenging conditions, suitable for advanced surfers, but entry and exit can be difficult.
  5. Panorama Point
    • South end of Taghazout, offering long waves suitable for advanced surfers.
    • Fast wave challenging for all levels, primarily attracting experienced riders.

These recommendations provide suitable options for beginners to learn and progress in their surfing journey, as well as challenging spots tailored for more advanced surfers seeking thrilling waves.

Q&A Section About Surfing Spots in Agadir:

  1. Can you surf in Agadir, Morocco?
    • Absolutely! Agadir boasts various surf spots suitable for all levels.
  2. What is the surfing capital of Morocco?
    • Taghazout is considered the surfing capital, offering numerous diverse breaks.
  3. Does Morocco have good surfing?
    • Yes, Morocco has excellent surfing opportunities, especially in areas like Agadir and Taghazout.
  4. Where can a beginner surf in Morocco?
    • Beginners can try spots like Anza, Tamraght, Cherry Beach, and specific areas in Taghazout.
  5. Where is the best surf spot in Agadir?
    • Anchor Point, Banana Point, Devil’s Rock, and Panorama Point are among the standout spots.
  6. Is the sea in Agadir clean?
    • Some spots have cleaner water than others; however, pollution can be an issue in certain areas.
  7. Is Morocco good for beginner surfers?
    • Yes, Morocco offers several spots suitable for beginners to learn and progress.
  8. Is Taghazout safe?
    • Generally, Taghazout is considered safe for tourists, including surfers.
  9. Do you need a wetsuit to surf in Morocco?
    • A wetsuit is advisable, especially during the winter months, ranging from 2mm to 3/2 thickness.
  10. Is Agadir safe for girls?
    • Generally, Agadir is a safe destination for female travelers, but caution is always recommended.
  11. What is Agadir good for?
    • Agadir is renowned for its surfing, beautiful beaches, and vibrant culture.
Surfing in Agadir – Final thoughts :

The city of Agadir indeed stands as a magnificent haven for wave enthusiasts.

Offering a plethora of surf spots, it caters to varying expertise levels, rendering it an ideal hub for surfing aficionados.

Among the array of spots, Anchor Point is notable, boasting extended right waves and potential barrels, perfect for the seasoned surfers. Additionally, Devil’s Rock provides a mix of sand and rock with diverse sections, accommodating surfers of all levels.

Panorama Point offers fast waves suitable for every skill set due to its sandy base.

The advantages and drawbacks of each spot provide insights for tailored selections.

For instance, Cherry Beach and Banana Point, although beginner-friendly, might present size limitations for experienced surfers. Meanwhile, Anza and KM12, although diverse, may contend with water pollution and occasional overcrowding issues.

An expert opinion highlights Agadir’s consistent waves, diverse spots, and vibrant surf culture. The beaches, equipped with good waves and multiple surf schools, offer a lively environment for enthusiasts.

The categorized list, ranging from the closest to farthest spots, simplifies travel planning. Surfing schools for beginners and advanced surfers are available, ensuring a fulfilling experience for all levels.

In conclusion, Agadir emerges as an idyllic destination catering to an array of surfing abilities. Its diverse spots, vibrant culture, and tailored accommodations make it an inviting realm for everyone eager to ride the waves.

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