Is Agadir Good For Golfing? (What To Know About Agadir Golfing)

Yes, Agadir is good for Golfing because it offers fantastic choice for enthusiasts seeking a blend of beautiful landscapes and exceptional courses. It’s an ideal destination for those craving a golfing holiday in a vibrant setting.

In this guide, we will talk about all your troubling questions about golfing in Agadir:

Top 6 Golf Courses In Agadir that are a Must-Visit:

  1. Taghazout Golf Course:

    Taghazout Golf Course in Agadir
    Taghazout Golf Course in Agadir
    • Designed by Kyle Phillips
    • 18 holes, par 72, 6,330 meters
    • Spectacular layout atop cliffs with ocean views
    • Challenging fairways amidst rocky desert scrublands
    • Breathtaking panoramic views of the bay and Atlantic Ocean
    • Located in Taghazout Bay, 15 minutes north of Agadir
  2. Golf Du Soleil – Tikida Course:

    golf-du-soleil_tikida-course in Agadir
    golf-du-soleil_tikida-course in Agadir
    • Architect: F. Muela (1999)
    • 18 holes, par 72, 5,539 meters
    • Predominantly parkland style with African vegetation
    • Narrow fairways, decorative lakes, and eucalyptus trees
    • Notable water features around Tikida Palace Hotel
    • Located between the coastline & Atlas Mountains
  3. Golf Les Dunes:

    Golf Les Dunes in Agadir
    Golf Les Dunes in Agadir
    • Architect: Cabell B. Robinson
    • 27 holes, par 72, 6,299 meters
    • Owned by Club Med, featuring hilly, wooded terrain
    • Elevated tee and approach shots with club selection challenges
    • Stunning views of Atlas Mountains
    • Located near a friendly Clubhouse overseeing a golf range
  4. Golf de l’Ocean:

    Golf de l'Ocean In Agadir
    Golf de l’Ocean In Agadir
    • Architect: B. Collins (2010)
    • 27 holes, par 72, 6,250 meters
    • Three loops of nine (Dunes, Garden, Desert)
    • Varied challenges; Desert nine possibly becoming a dedicated course
    • Courses descending from a hilltop clubhouse to meandering streams
    • Associated with the Atlantic Hotel in town
  5. Assoufid Golf Club:

    Assoufid Golf Club in Agadir
    Assoufid Golf Club in Agadir
    • Architect: N/A
    • 18 holes, par 72
    • Located outside Agadir offering desert-style golfing
    • Immaculate fairways and greens with desert and mountain views
    • Rated among the top courses in Morocco
    • Known for its pristine condition and exceptional service
  6. Royal Golf Club Agadir:

    Royal Golf Club Agadir
    Royal Golf Club Agadir
  • 9 holes, fees include caddie and equipment
    • Well-maintained course with challenging yet forgiving holes
    • Offers a serene and less crowded environment for golfers
    • Stunning views with an enjoyable golfing experience
    • Located within Agadir, providing convenience for visitors
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the best time to play golf in Agadir

1. What are the standout golf courses in Agadir?

  • Tazegzout Golf Course and Golf Du Soleil are the highlights. Tazegzout offers breathtaking views from cliffs and a challenging yet scenic play. Golf Du Soleil presents a mix of parkland-style challenges with beautiful landscapes.

2. When is the best time to visit Agadir for golfing?

  • The best times are during November and March when the weather is pleasant. Agadir enjoys around 300 days of sunshine yearly, ensuring great golfing weather throughout most months.

3. Are caddies mandatory at Agadir’s golf courses?

  • Yes, often caddies are a must at Moroccan golf courses. They assist golfers during play and are usually available for a fee, enhancing the golfing experience.

4. What’s the accessibility like for golf tourists in Agadir?

  • Direct flights from UK airports like Gatwick, Stansted, and Manchester make getting to Agadir easy. Once there, travel to golf courses and hotels is relatively short, ensuring convenience.

5. What are the additional amenities available near golf courses?

  • Nearby hotels like Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay and Riu Tikida Dunas offer comfortable stays. Dining options, beaches, and attractions near courses ensure a well-rounded holiday beyond golfing.
  1. Golfing In Agadir
    Golfing In Agadir

General Information About Golfing Course In Agadir:

  • Course Variety: Agadir boasts top-notch courses like Tazegzout, Golf du Soleil, and more, offering diverse challenges and scenic views.
  • Climate: Enjoy around 300 days of sunshine yearly, making it perfect for year-round golfing experiences.
  • Accessibility: Direct flights from London Gatwick, Stansted, and Manchester ensure easy access, while low-cost airlines have made travel more affordable.

Follow-Up Questions:

  1. What are the standout courses in Agadir?
    • Tazegzout, known for stunning views atop cliffs.
    • Golf du Soleil, offering a mix of parkland-style challenges.
  2. How’s the weather for golfing?
    • Pleasant temperatures throughout the year, ideal for golf.
    • Coastal breezes in summer and mild winters ensure comfortable play.
  3. What’s the travel convenience like?
    • Direct flights from multiple UK airports with low-cost options.
    • Short transfer times from the airport to hotels and golf courses.

Peoples’ Reviews about Golf Course In Agadir:

what do people say About golfing in Agadir
what do people say About golfing in Agadir

Review 1: Tazegzout Golf Course

  • Stunning Cliffside Golf Experience! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Tazegzout is a golf gem! The views from the cliffs are breathtaking, making every swing feel magical. The challenging layout amidst rocky terrain keeps you on your toes. The 17th hole perched on the cliff’s edge is a true test of nerves. A must-play for any golfer seeking an unforgettable experience!” By James

Review 2: Golf Du Soleil

  • Parkland Beauty with African Flair ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Golf Du Soleil presents a picturesque parkland-style course with delightful African vegetation. The narrow fairways, decorative lakes, and vibrant landscapes add to its charm. The Tikida course, with its water features around the Tikida Palace hotel, offers a balanced blend of challenge and beauty.” By Marcus

Review 3: Golf Les Dunes

  • Scenic Golf Amidst Nature’s Bounty ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Golf Les Dunes is a nature lover’s paradise! The hilly, wooded countryside provides an enchanting backdrop for golfing. The elevation changes make every shot thrilling, and the friendly Clubhouse overlooking the range adds to the cozy atmosphere. A perfect blend of challenge and relaxation.” By Emily

Golf Course Accommodations in Agadir:

Hotels in Agadir - From Luxury Beachfront Hotels To Budget friendly (2024)
Hotels in Agadir – From Luxury Beachfront Hotels To Budget friendly (2024)
  • Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay: Situated near the Taghazout Bay Golf Course, this hotel offers stunning ocean or mountain views from private balconies. The golf course, designed by Kyle Phillips, presents a challenging yet picturesque play. The hotel’s proximity to Taghazout Beach and the Banana Village surf spot adds to its allure, providing guests with easy access to both golf and seaside activities.
  • Riu Tikida Dunas: Nestled on the Atlantic Coast, this hotel is a short drive from the airport, ensuring convenient access to the region’s premier golf courses. Boasting a beachfront location, it offers a range of leisure facilities, including a complimentary shuttle service to Golf du Soleil. With 5 bars, diverse dining options, and stylish guestrooms, Riu Tikida Dunas is an ideal base for exploring Agadir’s golfing delights.

Local Amenities:

  • Proximity to Beaches: Both hotels offer access to beautiful beaches, allowing guests to unwind by the shore after a day on the greens. Taghazout Bay’s beach proximity at Hyatt Place and Riu Tikida Dunas’ beachfront location enhance the holiday experience.
  • Restaurants: Guests can relish Moroccan and Japanese cuisines at the hotels’ multiple restaurants, providing diverse dining experiences without venturing far from their accommodation.
  • Attractions: Close proximity to various attractions ensures a well-rounded holiday. Guests can explore Agadir’s local markets, visit historical sites, or indulge in water sports, providing a fulfilling experience beyond golf. The hotels’ strategic locations offer easy access to these attractions for an enriched vacation.

Experts Opinion about Golfing in Agadir:

Agadir’s golf courses offer a blend of scenic beauty and challenging play, creating an exquisite golfing experience for enthusiasts of all levels. With courses like Tazegzout offering cliffside panoramas and Golf Du Soleil showcasing African-inspired landscapes, each round becomes an adventure in nature.

The diversity among these courses, from Tazegzout’s dramatic layout to Golf Les Dunes’ hilly terrains, caters to golfers seeking variety and stunning vistas. While Golf Du Soleil’s parkland-style features and the unique challenges of Golf de l’Ocean further enrich the golfing journey.

Overall, Agadir’s golf scene, with its exceptional courses and breathtaking landscapes, promises an unforgettable golfing escapade amidst Morocco’s coastal beauty.

Golf Les Dunes in Agadir
Golf Les Dunes in Agadir

15 Frequently Asked Questions about Golfing in Agadir:

1. What are the best months to visit Agadir for golfing?

November and March offer the most pleasant weather for golfing in Agadir, with temperatures averaging in the high teens and low twenties.

2. Are caddies necessary at Agadir’s golf courses?

Yes, caddies are often compulsory at Moroccan golf courses, offering assistance during play for a more enjoyable experience.

3. Which golf courses in Agadir offer scenic views?

Tazegzout Golf Course and Golf Du Soleil provide breathtaking views, with Tazegzout offering cliffside panoramas and Golf Du Soleil showcasing African-inspired landscapes.

4. What amenities are available near golf courses in Agadir?

Hotels like Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay and Riu Tikida Dunas offer comfortable stays. Nearby beaches, restaurants, and attractions ensure a well-rounded holiday experience.

5. How accessible are Agadir’s golf courses from the city center?

Most golf courses in Agadir are easily reachable within short driving distances from the city center.

6. Are there golf courses suitable for beginners in Agadir?

Yes, several courses cater to different skill levels, offering a mix of challenges and friendly play.

7. What type of weather can golfers expect in Agadir?

Agadir enjoys a predominantly sunny climate, with temperatures varying from pleasantly warm to hot during summer.

8. How many golf courses are there in Agadir?

Agadir boasts around seven notable golf courses, with Tazegzout and Golf Du Soleil among the highly rated ones.

9. Can visitors rent golf equipment at Agadir’s courses?

Yes, most golf courses offer equipment rental for visitors who prefer not to bring their own.

10. What dining options are available near golf courses in Agadir?

Nearby restaurants offer a range of cuisines, including Moroccan and international dishes, providing diverse dining experiences.

11. Are tee times easily available at Agadir’s golf courses?

Booking tee times is generally manageable, but it’s advisable to check in advance, especially during peak seasons.

12. Are there golf packages available for tourists visiting Agadir?

Yes, many resorts and hotels in Agadir offer golf packages that include accommodation and access to golf courses.

13. What additional activities complement golfing in Agadir?

Beyond golf, visitors can explore beaches, indulge in water sports, visit local markets, or enjoy historical sites.

14. Are golf lessons or coaching available in Agadir?

Yes, many golf courses offer coaching and lessons for beginners or those seeking to improve their game.

15. How crowded are Agadir’s golf courses during peak seasons?

While some courses might see increased traffic during popular months like November and March, they generally offer manageable play and enjoyable experiences.

agadir hotel

Final Thoughts About Golfing In Agadir :

Golfing in Agadir offers a delightful blend of scenic beauty, diverse challenges, and a pleasant climate, making it an exceptional destination for golf enthusiasts.

With a range of courses catering to various skill levels, from beginners to seasoned players, golfers can relish cliffside panoramas at Tazegzout, African-inspired landscapes at Golf Du Soleil, and the inviting challenges across the city’s renowned courses.

The availability of quality accommodation near courses, coupled with proximity to beaches, restaurants, and attractions, ensures a well-rounded holiday beyond golf.

While the temperate weather throughout most months, particularly in November and March, creates ideal conditions for an enjoyable golfing experience.

Agadir’s golfing scene not only caters to the avid golfer but also offers an opportunity for relaxation, exploration, and an immersive holiday experience amidst Morocco’s coastal beauty.

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