Agadir Currency and Payment – What To Know BEFORE Traveling!!

Agadir is a beautiful city waiting to be explored, but before you set off on your adventures, it’s essential to understand how money works in this vibrant Moroccan destination.

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about currency and payments in Agadir.

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Currency in Agadir:

What People Use As Money In Agadir City?

In Agadir, the money people use is called the Moroccan dirham (MAD). Changing your money to dirhams is quite easy; there are places all around where you can do it. It’s smart to have some dirhams on hand for small purchases and places that don’t accept cards.

Currency Basics Symbols and Figures
Currency code MAD
Abbreviation DH
Coin denominations 1, 2, 5, and 10 Dirhams 
Banknote denominations 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 Dirhams
centimes 2, 4, 10, 20, and 50 Centimes

Do Shops and Hotels Accept Credit Cards Payments?

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Yes, many shops and hotels in Agadir do accept credit cards, which can be super handy. Just make sure to ask before you buy something. Some smaller shops or local places might prefer cash, so having some on you is a good idea.

Are ATMs Available in Agadir?

There are plenty of ATMs in Agadir where you can take out money, so you won’t have to worry about running out. But remember, sometimes there might be a small fee when you use an ATM that’s not from your own bank.

Where to Exchange Money inside Agadir City?

If you’re thinking about where to change your money, it’s often better to do it in the city rather than at the airport. Rates might be more favorable, giving you more dirhams for your money.

Can I Pay With Checks In Agadir?

While traveler’s checks can be used in some places, it’s usually easier to stick to using cash or cards. Not all places accept traveler’s checks, so it might be simpler to rely on other methods.

Is It Safe To Use My Credit Cards in Agadir city?

can i use credit cards in Agadir city

For safety reasons, it’s a good idea to avoid using your credit card in places that might not seem secure. Stick to reputable shops and avoid sharing your card details in uncertain situations.

Should I Pay Transportation With My Credit Card Or Cash In Agadir?

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Unfortunately, all local transportation in Agadir city accepts only cash. it is highly advisable to have some cash when you want to take taxies or buses in Agadir.

Cash and Bargaining: Where It Helps?

In some markets or local shops, bargaining is common and they ONLY prefer cash. Having cash in these places can help you get a better deal.

Money Exchange Services: Where to Change Money In Agadir City?

You can change your money at special places or even at some hotels, but it’s a good idea to compare rates to get the best deal.

Can I Tip In Agadir City ? Is It Advisable?

Tipping is appreciated in Agadir. Small amounts are usually okay, and having some small bills for tips is a nice gesture.

moroccan Bills for 100 to 200 dirhams

Frequently asked Questions about Money And Payments in Agadir City:

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1. Can I use my credit card in most places in Agadir?

Yes, many shops and hotels in Agadir accept credit cards, but it’s good to have some cash too for smaller places that might prefer it.

2. Are there many ATMs in Agadir?

Yes, there are plenty of ATMs around Agadir, so getting cash when you need it is usually easy.

3. Do I need to carry cash for taxis and buses?

Yes, it’s helpful to have cash for taxis and buses as some might not accept cards.

4. Should I exchange money at the airport or in the city?

It’s often better to change money in the city as rates can be more favorable than at the airport.

5. Can I use traveler’s checks in Agadir?

It’s possible in some places, but it might be easier to use cash or cards as not all places accept traveler’s checks.

6. Are there places where I shouldn’t use my credit card for safety?

It’s a good idea to avoid using your credit card in places that seem less secure. Stick to trusted places.

7. Do people in local markets prefer cash for payments?

Yes, in some markets, bargaining is common and they might prefer cash. Having cash can help with negotiations.

8. Can I exchange money at my hotel?

Some hotels offer currency exchange services, but it’s good to compare rates to get the best deal.

9. How much should I tip, and should I have small bills for that?

Small tips are appreciated. Having some small bills for tips is a nice gesture.

10. Can I pay for tours or excursions with a credit card?

Many tour operators accept credit cards, but it’s always good to check beforehand.

If you’re thinking about visiting Agadir but feeling a bit nervous about money matters, here’s some friendly advice to help you out:

  • Credit Cards Are Handy: In Agadir, lots of places like shops and hotels take credit cards. It’s super convenient, but keep some cash too for smaller spots that prefer it.
  • Easy Access to Cash: Don’t worry about cash; there are plenty of ATMs around. But having some on you is good, especially for taxis and buses.
  • Exchange Wisely: Want to change money? It’s usually better to do it in the city rather than at the airport for better rates.
  • Keep Safe: Just like anywhere else, use your credit card in safe places. Stick to trusted spots for a worry-free experience.
  • Friendly Bargaining: In local markets, bargaining is cool! Having cash might help you get a great deal.
  • Hotel Help: Some hotels can exchange money for you, but compare rates for the best deal.
  • Tipping Made Easy: Small tips are appreciated. Having small bills for tips is a nice way to show appreciation.

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  • Understanding Money in Morocco:
    • Different things affect how much their money is worth, like how stable their government is and how their economy is doing. Lately, stuff like COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, and a really bad lack of rain have made things more expensive there.
  • Cool Facts About Moroccan Money:
    • When their money started in 1960, they kind of reused old French money to make their new bills.
    • The word for more than one dirham sounds different in their language.
    • In some countryside places, they have other names for their money.
    • The pictures on their bills show their kings.
  • Using Money in Morocco:
    • You can’t really get their money outside the country easily.
    • It’s best to only change a bit of money and spend it while you’re there.
    • You’ll need cash for smaller places and emergencies, but cards work in bigger places.
    • You can change your money at certain places like the airport or ATMs.
    • Some tips for handling money there, like using smaller bills.
  • Sending Money to Morocco:
    • You can’t buy their money from other countries, but you can send it there.
    • Check how much it costs to send money and use reliable companies like Remitly for that.

Remember, Agadir is an amazing place with friendly people. Don’t let payment worries stop you from experiencing this beautiful city. Just a bit of cash and your card will make your visit smooth and enjoyable. Have an awesome time exploring! 🌟🛍️💳

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